Saving our planet one delivery at a time.

The company shaping the future of sustainable delivery. With Gobuddy you reduce your delivery costs, uplift communities and lower the carbon foot print of your business.

Empowering people

Gobuddy's transporter app matches your daily travel routes to eCommerce deliveries. Get paid to deliver goods during your daily travel in a convenient and eco-friendly way. Easy, convenient and rewarding.

Give your business the opportunity it deserves.

Solving some of the biggest problems for online retailers. Learn how you can effortlessly start saving our planet and reducing your delivery costs with Gobuddy.

A greener tomorrow.

Gobuddy is committed to decarbonising eCommerce delivery. Sustainable retail practices are no longer a maybe, It's an imperative if we want eCommerce to flourish. Gobuddy's delivery platform creates an inclusive delivery service, enabling retailers in new and exciting ways.

A community helping one another.

Gobuddy partners with leading institutions and NGO's. Gobuddy is committed to safe and risk free delivery for customers, retailers and transporters.