Our Journey

It was late afternoon in November 2020, South Africa was in lock down. I was taking my usual walk, which I did every day, my break away from the pandemic. Then it hit me, the thought stopped me in my tracks, this idea was so clear, so true, it had to be developed for the people of this world.

Billions of people move around our planet daily, most of them on foot, travelling with public transport. The people of this planet cover boundless distances, reaching a countless number of destinations. How can this movement of people be used to better serve one another and help improve our precious planet? For thousands of years, people transported goods for others, en route to their destinations, dropping off these goods along their travels. Why had this stopped?

Our passion at Gobuddy, is to help people. Gobuddy is a platform of hope. Gobuddy has the potential to give millions of people a legitimate opportunity to earn money by transporting goods during their daily travel and getting paid for it.

The pandemic brought about an unexpected but very important catalyst to make Gobuddy a reality, the speeding up of online adoption and online shopping. Imagine a platform that connects the most widespread, efficient, and effective delivery network on the planet, its people, with entrepreneurs, businesses and their friends.

Gobuddy is the conscious, most efficient delivery solution for our planet. The platform is ethically designed to decrease carbon emissions and compensate people for their travel. Making delivery affordable, ethical, and sustainable.

It has been a privilege to work with the most incredible, talented team of individuals from around the world. Together we have created a solution to help people earn an income with no barriers to entry and provide a delivery solution to reduce carbon emissions.

We believe in people!


Founder and CEO

Our team

Executive Team


Leon Strumpher

Founder and CEO

Leon has extensive experience in asset management with a deep understanding of institutional and private client investing. Leon has been investing into domestic and global companies, both listed and unlisted, for the last decade. Leon is a dynamic thinker and creative problem solver. He is well versed in portfolio management, company analysis and client feedback, with a gift of simplifying complex situations. Through his career, Leon was afforded valuable insights into business growth strategies, management practices and generational wealth philosophies. He has a passion for nature and would like to contribute meaningfully towards the alleviation of poverty and the health of our planet.


Genevieve Booysen

Co-founder and COO

Genevieve has been primarily involved in start-up environments, both during launch and during the initial years of growth throughout her international career that started in finance. She has a solid understanding on how to build teams, processes, controls and a culture of success and accountability through working in diverse companies and in smaller teams. Genevieve is driven by the will to work smarter, and not harder and this has driven her to match her skillset with situations that need optimisation and automation the most. She has experience in working with all levels within a business across all business silos, and she cares deeply about the impact that the companies she works with have on all stakeholders. 


Simon Rahme


Simon is a co-founder of numerous companies within the Technology space. He has been there and done it several times, he has the scars, also the successes to prove it. He has proven himself as a competent technology consultant, having assisted various Fortune 100 and FTSE 100 in this field. He has worked with Nickelodeon, LinkedIn and the Australian government. Simon also has a vast knowledge of blockchain technology, seamlessly integrating blockchain with the real world.

Development Team


Sakshi Maurya

Business Analyst and QA

Sakshi is a business Analyst with 4+ years of experience. Sakshi has the ability to take complex technical ideas and distil them into user-friendly scenarios to improve the quality of the project she works on. Her portfolio demonstrates the ability to capitalize on every pixel for the benefit of start-ups or established companies, always focusing on reaching the targeted end user.


Ronak Sharma

Back-end Developer

Ronak has 5+ years of experience in backend development. He has been an integral part and key backend developer for several successful projects. His strengths are solid technical expertise, maintaining an end-user focus, being a fast self-learner, a ‘never say die attitude. Ronak is a team player.


Sachin Kumar

Strategic Advisor – IT Development and build

Sachin is a master coordinator. He is the CTO and co-founder of Innoapps Technologies. Sachin approach to development will ensure project delivery on time and within scope and budget. He has an eye for detail with over ten years’ experience in IT. In his career he has been a Java Android developer, Team leader, Project manager and eventually Co-Founder. Sachin provides key insights to ensure that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget, with careful consideration in defining the project scope and objectives. Measure project performance using appropriate tools and techniques.


Dharma Chand Kumar

Front-end Developer

Dharma has been developing quality software and web applications for the last 5+ years. He is experienced in analysing and maintaining existing software applications. He is a fast learner and always maintains an end user and client focus.

nishant patil BW

Nishant Patil

WordPress Developer

Nishant brings over 12 years of full-stack web development expertise. With his problem solving skills, he can tackle any technical challenge with ease. He has in-depth knowledge of WordPress, PHP frameworks & various front-end technologies. He’s a team player who’s always ready to help and make a positive impact.

Introducing Gobuddy