The sustainable delivery service for eCommerce

Gobuddy is helping retailers make a meaningful difference in South Africa, through the quickest, most affordable, eco-friendly and empowering delivery service the world has ever seen.

Get set up in under 20 minutes! No technical skills required.

Unlock new markets

The network connects your business to a vast network of transporters. Designed to increase your product reach with same day delivery.

Intelligent systems

Software designed to work with your existing courier. Gobuddy provides peace of mind with 100% delivery every time.

Sustainable delivery

Good for the environment, for society and for the economy. Gobuddy helps you scale your business efficiently and economically. 


This is a risk-free integration for retailers. When you install the plug-in into your eComm store, the technology gets to work immediately. You get real time feedback on every aspect of your online business, sales data, efficiency data, delivery data and order data. Designed to save you time, reduce your delivery costs and reduce your carbon emissions. If you don’t enjoy the service, you deactivate it and carry on business as usual, no delay, no interruption, totally risk free. – Genevieve Booysen (Chief Operating Officer)


The most affordable shipping rates!

No monthly subscription fees  |    Distance is not a variable  |    Insurance included   |    No additional costs

The delivery network.

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