Gobuddy - The smart delivery solution

Gobuddy is the most innovative and sustainable delivery solution for WooCommerce eCommerce retailers.

Gobuddy’s intelligent software and delivery platform is designed to reduce the carbon emissions of deliveries, reduce the cost of transporting goods, empower people and provide your business with a powerful system that creates efficiencies, saving you time.

We match the travel routes of ordinary people with goods moving in the same direction.

Our solution:

  • Reduces transport costs by up to 50% compared to other couriers
  • Unlocks access to untapped, underserved markets
  • Provides scalable opportunities for businesses
  • Drastically reduces travel emissions
  • Integrates your WooCommerce orders and delivery information from your existing couriers into a single dashboard
  • Provides details of your priority, in progress and completed deliveries

How it works

We understand the potential reputational risk of replacing what already works. That’s why we’ve built a complementary delivery option that runs alongside your existing delivery service.

Our Gobuddy plugin will first check for a Gobuddy Transporter, if none is found for your specific delivery then the delivery will automatically be redirected to your usual WooCommerce integrated delivery option.



See the installation and setup guide here.

Minimum requirements

  • WooCommerce site
  • Register with TradeSafe and install the TradeSafe Plugin
  • Register your business with Gobuddy here
  • Your product weight will need to be updated in your inventory settings in order for us to correctly calculate the delivery fee

Frequently asked questions

  • What are your delivery fees? See our pricing guide here
  • Are your deliveries insured? Yes, by King Price.


Please email support@gobuddy.net